IBA 2022 Annual Convention

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All-Convention Luncheon

Monday, September 19-12:00 p.m.

Sponsored by SHAZAM

Discover Your Mission: 5 Lessons From a 50-State Journey
Janine Stange
Through stories that are both comical and moving, Janine takes audiences across the nation along her historic journey. A mission rooted in five life lessons instilled by Stange’s strong-willed Italian mother who had strict rules about efficiency, organization and living an honest life. Using her own story as the example, Stange makes the argument that the time for self-examination is now. Her mission took both a shift in thinking and habits in order to abandon the comfort zones that Janine occupied for over a decade. Using her signature wit and wisdom, Janine motivates people to not only identify ways to make personal change, but to give back along the way. Though everyone’s path to success is different, we all can “Start small, and start today”.