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July 29 at 1 p.m.

FDIC Chair Jelena McWilliams

Ms. McWilliams will discuss the post-pandemic state of banking and the FDICs approach to regulation. She will also report on hot topics of interest, such as CRA, brokered deposits, the future of bank call reports, and the intersection of financial technology and banking.

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Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks

Aug. 26 at 10 a.m.

Mr. Brooks will share his vision for building on the traditional strengths of the OCC by providing a foundation on that includes regulatory certainty, flexible framework, and oversight that will allow banks and thrifts to evolve and capitalize on technology and innovation, to deliver better products and services, and to reduce risk in the system.

Peter Zeihan, Global Strategist

Sept. 23 at 10 am

Internationally recognized geopolitical strategist and author, Peter Zeihan, will discuss the current status of the Coronavirus around the world. Peter will outline how governments are adapting, or aren’t, to the signifi cant challenges to supply chains, the global economy and public health. From Europe to the Middle East, to Latin America and East Asia, each region’s challenges and responses to COVID-19 is having direct impacts on the international order.

Charlie Cook, Cook Political Report

Oct. 22 at 10 am

For more than two decades, Charlie Cook has been a trusted and accurate voice on all things political. His expertise and encyclopedic knowledge of American politis has been featured on myriad news outlets. Using poll numbers, economic indicators, and historical data, Cook discusses today’s political and legislative environments in a balanced, non-partisan way.

Chicago Fed President Charles Evans 

Nov. 23 at 2 pm

Charles Evans has served as president and chief executive o ffi cer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago since September 2007. In that capacity, he serves on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the Federal Reserve System’s monetary policymaking body.

Business Leaders Panel

Dec. 10 at 10 am

Hear from Iowa business leaders regarding the state of the Iowa economy and where we go from here. Featuring Ben McLean, CEO, Ruan Transportation; Bob Ritz, CEO, Mercy Health Network; Mary Adringa, Chair of the Board, Vermeer Corporation; and Tim Glenn, EVP & Chief Commercial Officer, Corteva Agriscience